CCTV Monitoring

 All camera systems can be connected to the Monitoring Centre. During an alarm  activation or at random times, Controllers on duty can view the cameras via  Broadband. This allows our Controllers to immediately assess the situation and take  the necessary action.

Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) and alarm networks are connected to the Central CCTV Monitoring and Control Centre through a network or a telephone connection. Once this connection is linked, the Central Monitoring and Control Centre can access your CCTV cameras to monitor your property. This service is complimented by the Rapid Response Vehicles and reduces the need and cost of having security officers on-site. All images captured by the CCTV monitoring are recorded and stored in a database (digital) that has a save and retrieval function to display an audio and a video for a time period. The digital evidence ensures that all key data is associated with images, which enhances end-to-end integrity and ensure legal admissibility.