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 An order, in writing, to proceed with installation, implies acceptance of these conditions.


  • Prices quoted do not include re-decoration, but every care is taken to ensure a neat appearance to all installations.
  • GalCom Security Electronics Ltd also reserves the right, because of difficulties in obtaining supplies to use at its discretion, equipment and materials, other than those specified.
  • Provision to be made by you, for removal of stocks and fittings etc from areas where cable and/or equipment are being installed.
  • The installation shall be considered complete when we have installed our equipment not withstanding connections to be made by Eir/Telephone Company Provider.
  • Payment will be made on completion of the installation and signing of engineer report/NSAI paper work in exchange for control manual, unless an alternative agreement has been made.
  • To enable GalCom Security Electronics Ltd to perform its duties under these terms, the subscriber shall give us necessary access to the premises and facilities therein.
  • The Annual Maintenance charge shall be payable by Direct Debit/Bank Transfer/Cheque in advance and agreement shall only operate after payment of the agreed sum has been made to GalCom Security Electronics Ltd
  • GalCom Security Electronics Ltd reserves the right to increase the Annual Charges in the case of any increase in cost and outgoings.
  • This agreement is not transferable and should the subscriber go into liquidation or cease trading, the said agreement shall be rendered void.
  • If the subscriber shall commit any breach of this agreement or if any payment shall be more than one month in arrears from the date of demand, this agreement shall be considered void, and the maintenance will be forfeited.
  • Neither the subscriber nor any other persons shall alter or move any part of apparatus, nor interfere with, or tamper with the equipment or the wiring of it, other than GalCom Security Electronics Ltd in the course of its duties.
  • Any extension to, or alteration of the alarm system due to structural alteration of the premises or modification in the telephone installation affecting the Alarm System, shall be carried out by the company at the subscriber’s expense.
  • The Maintenance Contract shall not cover malicious, lightning or storm damage caused to the apparatus. Neither will GalCom Security Electronics Ltd be liable for failure of the apparatus, due to any fault or any loss or damage caused by such failure.
  • Any hazardous or environmental changes should be reported to GalCom Security Electronics Ltd – i.e. any renovations that may obstruct or change the operation of your alarm system.
  • In the event that the wiring necessary to the system is completed, modified, altered or interfered by the Subscriber then the Company shall not be responsible for any defects that may arise.
  • The Company must be immediately notified of all faults and the Subscriber shall not carry out any repairs or adjustments to the system without the express permission of the Company.
  • In the event of their being notified the Company shall inspect the system and remedy any defects in that part of the work carried out by the Company and is hereby agreed and understood that the Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Subscriber arising from non-operation of the system which is caused by any of the following reasons: Mains voltage fluctuation, humidity, defective or worn out batteries, fire, acts of God, any actions or interference by third parties, failure of manufactured components.
  • The Subscriber shall be liable for all costs (including call out charges and labour) of any part of the system to be repaired or replaced save where the effective component is still within any period of guarantee offered by its manufacturer.
  • In consideration of the Subscriber paying to the Company (in advance)* an annual maintenance fee per year the company will make 2 technical inspections at intervals not exceeding 12 months (1 Service Call & 1 Remote Service) and shall make good any faults arising from normal wear provided that the subscriber shall be liable for costs of replacing any manufactured components.
  • The Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage caused by non-operation of the (Alarm transmission device used to send signals to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) ) or Telecommunication’s Network Providers service the telephone/LAN, GSM/GPRS or other link between the subscribers transmitting equipment and the Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • The installation will be installed and maintained in accordance with the European Standards I.S.EN 50131-1:2006
  • All calls outside office hours i.e. 9.00 to 5.00 shall be charged at current rates.
  • This agreement begins on the Effective Date and shall continue for 12 months. At the end of the initial term, this agreement will automatically continue for successive renewal terms of 12 months, unless either party provides written notice of termination to the other party at least 7 days prior to the expiration of the current time.
  • “GalCom Security Electronics Ltd Collect the Monitoring Fee on Behalf of the Monitoring Station & UTC/CSL for App Data Sim Services”  (INC Data Sim Fee) 
  • “Please Note all DATA Sim Card Services are subject to Network provider’s availability”
  • *To comply with NSAI standard all contracts are for an annual period and are payable annually in advance. Failure to comply will render the contract void.
  • For updated Terms & Conditions in the future please refer to www.galcom.ie


  • Under this contract the sole liability of GalCom Security Electronics Ltd in the event of loss, or otherwise from whatever cause, including in its own negligence, shall be limited to payment of an amount not to exceed five times the annual value of this contract or five thousand Euro (€5,000), whichever is the lesser, from any one occurrence (including costs) in any consecutive period of twelve (12) months.


  • Any claim arising must be notified to GalCom Security Electronics Ltd within 7 days of the intrusion/burglary. The intrusion/burglary must have been reported to the Gardai and logged on the Garda Pulse System and any claim must accompany an Insurance Loss adjuster’s report to support the claim.


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