Redcare Secure – Alarm Signalling System

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Redcare Secure Solo – Grade 2 GPRS Signalling System

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An immediate response reduces the risk of loss, damage and personal injury. A monitored Alarm System means GalCom Security Electronics LTD. is working for you 24 hours a day.

GalCom Security Electronics Ltd. are a premier security system provider. Consequently we have access to all of the major security manufacturers and their product portfolios. We are able to provide a survey, at no obligation or cost to you, and subsequently specify a bespoke system to cater for your every need.

  • Bells and Sirens alone can no longer guarantee a response to your Alarm System.
  • Monitoring brings your Alarm System to life, linking it directly to the Control Station, with Controllers on standby ready to respond to the signalled emergency.
  • Only those who have been victims of a break in or personal attack will fully understand the hopeless feeling of devastation and loss that ensues.

While it is impossible to prevent an attempted break in, the immediate response that monitoring provides, dramatically minimises the potential risk of loss and damage to your property.

A monitored Alarm System helps put your mind at ease, knowing your home is being watched every second of every hour, 24 hours a day.

GalCom Security Electronics Ltd. will be pleased to attend and carry out a full site survey, this service is at no cost to you and there is no obligation to purchase. Our surveying team has over 50 years of combined knowledge in the security industry.

Grade 1: Low risk

A low risk property or premises. This would typically be a normal household property or basic office/commercial premises without high value single items (artwork etc..). An intruder or robber is expected to have little knowledge of intruder alarm systems and be restricted to a limited range of easily available tools. i.e opportunistic.

Grade 2: Low to medium risk

A property or commercial premises requiring additional protection to the above Grade 1. There may be high value single items on site. An intruder or robber is expected to have a limited knowledge of intruder alarms and the use of a general range of tools and portable equipoment. i.e some skill, low tech.

Grade 3: Medium to high risk

Properties containing multiple high value items, art galleries, low risk financial institutions, pharmacy and any other premises with high value contents or information. An intruder of robber is expected to be conversant with intruder alarms and have a comprehensive range of tools and portable electronic equipment i.e professional.


Grade 4: High risk

High street banks, pharmaceuticals, R&D facilities and other high risk properties or premises. To be used when security takes precedence over all other factors. An intruder or robber is expected to have the ability or resource to plan an intrusion or robbery and have a full range of equipment including means of substitution of components in an intruder alarm system. i.e experienced and committed professional.

Grades are for guidance only – and as per EN50131-1:2006 – Actual Grade of the required system is evaluated upon risk assessment by GalCom Security Electronics Ltd.

Intruder Alarm Upgrade

We can offer a repair and upgrade service on many out of date alarm systems such as HKC, and UTC/Aritech.

These older systems need to conform to the new EN50131 Standard which is a requirement for your home insurance.

The new Garda monitoring policy came into effect in February 2008.

This means that all monitored alarms must send 2 completely different alarm activation’s from each premises in order to activate a Garda response.

Most older alarm panels cannot perform this and therefore you will not have a Garda response to your alarm activation.

Alarms installed from 2005 should be ok.

A free survey from us will determine if your alarm complies with this new policy.

We also offer a full 24 hour call out service.

Wired Home Alarm Systems

We supply & install wired intruder alarms and home alarms systems. These intruder alarms are suitable for pre-wired domestic and commercial premises. We supply all the market leading brands such as HKC, Aritech, SecureWatch & GE Security.

Wireless Alarm Systems

We supply and fit an advanced range of cutting edge wireless technology. All wireless dectors use long life lithium batteries. We offer wireless contacts, wireless shock sensors sensors, wireless outside sirens as part of a wireless alarms system.

How An Alarm System Works…

  • An alarm system activates and a signal is sent to the Central Monitoring Station.
  • The Monitoring Station receives a signal and the customer’s details automatically flash on the screen within seconds.
  • The method of signalling automatically tells the controller the nature of the alarm i.e. burglary, fire, personal attack etc.
  • To eliminate false alarms the controller may telephone your premises. Should an incorrect pass code be given or no reply received, it will be treated as an emergency.
  • A controller immediately acts on your behalf notifying the Gardaí, Alarm Responders (GalCom Ltd.) and other relevant emergency services.
  • All information in respect of the activation and subsequent actions taken are recorded on a real time basis. This information can be recalled at any time.

When specifying an Intruder Alarm, there are a few points to take in to consideration:

  • Do you have any pets? This will determine the type of detectors you require.
  • What is the main entry exit route, this is the route you will need to use all the time once the alarm has been fitted. (You can have more than one).
  • Are there any rooms in your property that you feel would be at special risk?
  • Where would like the remote keypad to be situated?
  • Where on the building would you like the external sounder? This needs to be in a position where it can be seen by passers by.
  • Warranty period and technical support.